About IAIN

India hosts numerous legacy institutions in agriculture, has a thriving corporate presence, a dynamic civil society, a growing landscape of agritech solutions and a policy environment that focuses on rural development. Yet, India’s agricultural innovation system operates in silos limiting the reach of the right innovations in the hands of small and marginal farmers. One of the main contributing factors is the lack of a formally structured channel to connect agritech solutions to farmers.

To bridge this gap, we set up the India Agritech Incubation Network (IAIN) – an initiative to create an enabling ecosystem for innovators and entrepreneurs developing technology-based solutions that increase the productivity and income of smallholder farmers in India.

Launched in 2019, IAIN adopts an integrated approach to foster ecosystem-level collaboration amongst the Government, Agricultural Universities, Corporates, Industry Bodies and Grassroot-resource Institutions to ensure a seamless flow of information, insights, and expertise that will benefit agritech start-ups and the farmer community.

The first phase of the initiative will empower 50,000 small and marginal farmers based in Uttar Pradesh. Under IAIN, 60 social enterprises will be incubated in five years, whose innovative solutions strongly focus on affordability, accessibility, efficiency and user experience across the agriculture & allied value chain.

Areas of Work

Each year, IAIN collaborates with the farming community and experts to identify critical problems faced on-ground. Agritech start-ups working to address these challenges are open to apply to the program during the application cycle.

Improving productivity and yield intensification

  • Mechanisation to make agriculture a business proposition for smallholder farmers
  • Better water management and energy-efficient delivery systems
  • Crop health management with a focus on access to affordable inputs with lower dependence on chemical-based additives
  • Protection of crops from animal attacks
  • Smart, user-friendly, efficient irrigation and water harvesting & management technologie
  • Effective means of pest and disease management technologies, with a focus on early detection

Better post-harvest loss management and value-added activities

  • Decentralised, affordable, energy-efficient storage and produce protection infrastructure
  • Technologies to combat crop residue burning– to clear crop residue from farms; innovative applications of residue that are remunerative to farmers

Enhancing rural livelihoods through agri and allied activities.

  • Access to a customised and hyperlocal end-to-end service delivery platform
  • Technology innovations for integrated access to financial services.
  • Focus on Allied Agriculture to improve livelihood options within the small and marginal farming communities


  • Sandbox facility to test, validate and pilot innovations/projects on-ground
  • Access to seed investment and/or grant funding
  • Access to a large investor and donor network
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology incubation space with high-quality labs, equipment for refining and testing
  • Assistance in product development; designing, rapid prototyping and design for manufacturing
  • Dedicated agri-business experts to assist with business planning, go-to-market strategy and overall advisory
  • Mentorship by a set of qualified global and local experts
  • Curated capacity building sessions
  • Practical on-the-ground feedback from the farmer community, grassroot non-profits, agriculture experts, corporate and government bodies
  • Access to shared office space and amenities
  • Support services such as accounting, compliance, taxation, legal, IP, etc.


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