alphaBET mirrors Social Alpha’s appetite for risk-taking. Along with a network of investors, we back bold innovations that have a deep social, economic and climate impact. We are bringing the transformative power of capital and the focused determination of committed entrepreneurs together to build a better tomorrow, today.

alphaBET engages and facilitates connection between investors and founders through a multi-dimensional approach

Our Approach


Monthly showcase of investment deals across sectors

Pitch Showcase

Bi-annual event for investors to connect to start-ups

Pitch Factory

Platform to help first-time founders become investment ready

Funding Avenues

Providing our portfolio companies access to co-investment and Series A funds

Investment Curation

Interest-aligned investment opportunities to our valued investor network.

Our Offerings


We work along with our investors to understand their investment thesis, focus areas, requirements and long-term vision to help curate opportunities that align with their goals.

  • Curated Pipeline of Innovative Start-ups
  • Due-Diligence Report
  • Deal Closure
  • Active Portfolio Management & Reporting
  • Access to Social Alpha’s Partner Network, Events and Programs
  • Access to continuous engagement (updates, calls, etc.)
Join our network

We engage with start-ups to assist them in their investment journey as well as curate investors who align with their vision, goals and business plans.

  • Masterclasses on Go-To-Market Strategy and Growth Strategy
  • Hands-on Mentorship for Creating & Refining Business Plans, Financial Model and Fundraising Collaterals
  • Curated Investor Scouting and Outreach
  • Access to Social Alpha’s Investor Network
  • Co-ordination and Communication with Investors
  • Support with Negotiating and Finalising Deal Terms
  • Support with Deal Closure (Transition, Compliance Advisory and Guidance)
  • Performing Business Due Diligence (only for co-investment)
  • Quarterly reporting to investors (For a Period of 1 year)
start-ups supported
Connections Facilitated
Individual Investors
Incubators & Accelerators
Angel Investor Networks
Venture Capital Funds
Family Offices

Investing in high-growth,
impact-driven start-ups

  • Bare Necessities

    Sustainable Consumption

    Bare Necessities has designed zero-waste solutions in the personal care and lifestyle segment. They produce 100% zero-waste products, rely on ethical sourcing, and are creating a fully zero-waste supply chain as they seek to change the waste narrative in India.

  • Incredible Devices


    Incredible Devices is working towards reducing the overall treatment cost of cardiovascular diseases by introducing a patented innovation for automated reprocessing of catheters. An easy-to-use plug & play solution that eliminates manual errors.

  • BlackFrog Technologies


    Blackfrog has developed a portable, battery-powered medical-grade refrigeration device called Emvólio. The device helps in the delivery of vaccines and other biologicals like blood, tissue, COVID-19 specimens, and culture. It maintains a temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, for about 8-12 hours. The device has the potential to replace standard-issue iceboxes and other storage systems like thermos flasks.

  • Tactopus

    Assistive Tech

    Tactopus has developed textured tactile books, flashcards, games, and puzzles alongside a mobile app that uses image processing to augment audio interactions and games to create a wholesome learning experience. These tools are specially designed to be inclusive and have a learning ladder. Moreover, the tools support teachers to build DIY repositories of interactive books and modules

  • Pashu Bajaar


    Pashu Bajaar has integrated efficient market practices and brought to fore better price realisation mechanisms that help goat rearers increase herd size and improve the quality of goats. They are formalising the goat-value chain and improving the livelihoods of rural households through better goat rearing practices and consistent market access.

  • Ubiqare


    Ubiqare has developed a hybrid platform that delivers speciality supportive healthcare easily to patients at home by combining clinical telepresence with a distributed clinical network.

  • AI Health Highway


    Ai Health Highway is focused on making screening of chronic diseases cost-effective at primary care clinics, which is the first point of contact for any patient. They have developed AiSteth – a smart stethoscope that can screen, detect & predict heart disorders using state-of-the-art signal processing and AI capabilities.

  • TAN 90 Thermal Solutions


    Tan90 has designed a portable cold storage system with a patented Phase Change Material-based thermal battery used for maintaining the temperature. Their storage solutions provide 3X fast charging as compared to existing PCM, longer retention time, savings on operational costs, and flexibility with a choice of transportation.

  • Bubblenut Wash

    Sustainable Consumption

    Using an earth-centered approach, Bubblenut Wash is tackling issues related to climate change by producing high-impact eco-friendly and sustainable home care products. Their organic laundry detergent is made of soapnuts which is 100% biodegradable.

  • New Leaf Dynamic


    New Leaf Dynamic has developed innovative off-grid Agri-cold storage systems powered by biomass that can operate without the availability of electricity. The cold storages are of size 10 MT, 15MT, and 20MT at disruptively low prices with pre-cooling, and processing chambers. Provides an option for pre-cooling, processing, and multi-crop compartments.

Pitch Factory

We have designed a platform to help founders become investor ready. This pro-bono initiative helps first-time founders, looking to raise capital from angel investors/VCs, learn the nuances of fundraising, understand the practices & priorities of early-stage investors and fine-tune their pitch.

Institutional support and recognition from Social Alpha

Actionable insights for crafting effective pitches and investor communication strategies

Networking opportunity with Social Alpha’s investment team

Our Circle of Investors

Join us in supporting companies that hold the potential to create large-scale impact

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