About US

Driving economic growth, social justice and climate action through the power of entrepreneurship and market-creating innovations

We are a multistage innovation curation and venture development platform for science and technology start -ups that addresses the most critical social, economic and environmental challenges through the power of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our full-stack architecture consists of product Innovation Labs, Venture Incubators, Grand Challenges, Accelerator Programmes, Capital Pools and Market Access Mechanisms. It is further supplemented by an extensive partner network across innovation and investment ecosystems, deep engagement with the Central and State Governments, Private Sector, Philanthropic Foundations, Non-Profits and Community Organisations.

We also work in partnership with Academic Institutions, R&D Labs and Start-up Incubators to positively influence the Human Development Indicators and contribute to mass prosperity, wellness and climate action. Set up in 2016, Social Alpha operates under the Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, a not-for-profit company founded in August 2015 under Section 8 of The Companies Act, 2013, sponsored and enabled by Tata Trusts, Government of India and a number of academic, philanthropic and corporate partnerships.

We have grown tremendously over the last 5 years

Our Impact

We are at the helm of a new socio-economic revolution.

We are building an “Ecosystem” that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to access risk capital, attract talented professionals and create successful and self sustaining business models. Social Alpha stack is focused on addressing the challenges of market failure, mission drift, suboptimal scale and financial sustainability encountered by mission-driven innovators throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Manoj Kumar

Co-Founder, CEO

Our Advisory Council

Prashanth Prakash
Dr. Harish Hande
Prof. Satyajit Mayor
Debashish Dutta Gupta
Shoma Bakre
Neeraj Jain

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